Monday, December 30, 2013

Before I was dx with MS, I spent nearly all day out in the sun! Now, if I stay out too long, I get weak & feel like hell

Before I was dx with MS, I spent nearly all day out in the sun. Going camping, which I loved,taking my kids to the pool or just laying out in my backyard. 

Now, if I stay out too long, I get weak and feel in general like hell. I use to love working in my flower beds and garden but now even that is almost impossible. 

We didn't even plant a garden this yr. There are days when I can spend several hrs out if it isn't too hot and there is a breeze. Last weekend I mowed our entire yard which takes at least 3 hrs but 

I made sure and stopped and drank water and then I would splash my face with the pool water. I loved the fact that I was able to stay out and do that because I love to mow. My husband kept stopping me and handing me a wet towel to wipe off with. ~L~ He worries too much. 

Summer use to be the season I was excited for and in some ways I still am but a person can only spend so much time in a pool. 

I have a cooling vest but always forget about it until after the fact. When I wear it, it does help but the cooling packs only last maybe an hr. 

When I am out I do try and wet my feet and face with cool water as often as possible and that does help.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Hi Stan...Not even sure where I want to start ranting or if it's even a rant. No, it's a rant!!!"

Hi Stan... Not even sure where I want to start ranting or if it's even a rant. No, it's a rant.

3 weeks ago my son,his wife and my little grandson came for a visit. It was great! After they left on that Sunday, I went out and mowed. I was out there maybe 2 hrs. I noticed later in the day that the tops of my feet were a little pink which had happened before and were usually brown the next day as I tan easily. Well, they stayed pink for 2 or 3 days and then started turning a redish purple and over the next few days got worse. My BIL and MIL came for a visit the following weekend and he mentioned something about sun poisoning rash. I looked it up and sure enough, it looks like it. So, I did what it said but needless to say they didn't get better. So off to the Dr I go.

Sure enough, it's a really bad case of sun poisoning rash. So now I'm putting steroid cream on it 3 times a day. It's finally getting better. Very slowly but at least it's getting better.The Dr told me to use SUN SCREEN and stay out of the sun as much as possible. So much for the pool.

Then yesterday morning I get up and I'm not even sure why I looked at my thumb on my left hand but there is a bog knot on it and it hurts a bit. Not real bad but enough that it's irritating. Someone mentioned something about a ganglion cyst and that's just what it looks like. If it doesn't go away soon I guess that means another trip to the Dr. Good thing I like my Dr and he isn't one of these "better than thou" kind.

So I'm thinking well surely to God nothing else can go wrong. Yeah right, last night I got something in my right eye and can't get it out so now that is irritating as hell. On a better note, my youngest daughter and 2 grand kids are coming down next week. Our youngest granddaughter, Addison,loves the tags on blanket so I made her a blanket with a lot of tags. Her mom showed her the picture and then Addison calls me.

"Ninny, come pick me up. I want my blanket now and it's pissing me off!"
I tell her there's no way I can right now and that she will be here next week. Not good enough. She hangs up.
A few minutes later she called back asking me to come get her. She is very persistent. She just turned 3 but she is wise beyond her yrs for sure. ~L~
Now today, we have to go to the store which I really don't want to but food must be bought. I did make the dogs some peanut butter Popsicle this morning so I guess when they freeze I will see if they like them.

Hope you have a good one. stay cool
((Hugs)) Carrol

Tuesday, June 25, 2013